How to make Quick Chicken Biryani | Chicken Biryani Recipe |


Quick Chicken Biryani

We tell you How to make Quick Chicken Biryani. Chicken Biryani is a dish that has spread across India and Indian subcontinent to America. The Regular chicken biryani takes 2–3 hours to cook, whereas Quick Chicken Biryani takes 30 minutes only. This is amongst the most popular dish from India and loved by millions over the globe. Biryani is layered and steamed, which creates a wonderful variation in flavour, texture and colour when it’s all mixed together at the end.

How to make Quick Chicken Biryani | Chicken Biryani Recipe |

Our recipe is quick and doesn’t take much longer time as it takes usually to cook biryani.  This is not a diet recipe so people who want to lose weight and stay fit should avoid this. However once in a while, you can definitely indulge in something like this and still can maintain a calorie deficit. Chicken is among the most popular protein source in our food. Biryani is a mix of spiced flavoured rice and its mixed with either a source of meat such as chicken or lamb. Vegetarians can enjoy biryani with a protein source such as tofu and paneer. This is a quick recipe. So let’s see how it’s prepared.

Ingredients for Quick Chicken Biryani

How to make Quick Chicken Biryani | Chicken Biryani Recipe |

Chicken (500 gms), Basmati rice (4 cups), Cloves, cardamom, bay leaves (2-4 no), Onions (2-4 sliced), Yoghurt (4-5 tablespoons), Turmeric powder (1 teaspoon), Red chilli powder (1 teaspoon), Coriander powder (1 teaspoon), Chicken biryani masala (2 teaspoons),Salt to taste, Ghee for cooking


Step by Step Quick Chicken Biryani

Parboiled rice with cloves, cardamom and bay leaves. Drain water and keep aside. Fry sliced onions till golden brown and once done remove from flame and Take chicken in a bowl and add yoghurt, turmeric powder,  red chilli powder,  coriander powder, salt and chicken biryani masala and mix well and keep aside for 10-15 min. Let it marinate on room temperature. Now in a large pan or handi add 2 tablespoon ghee, black cardamom and cloves.  Toss it a lot then add marinated chicken and make sure to keep it to edges as the centre flame is high and Add parboiled rice and garnish it with fried onions. Cover the lid and cook for 25-30 minutes.


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